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Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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With a dedicated team of over 90 skilled cleaners and a stellar reputation in the London area, our clientele boasts names like Wolseley Centres, Hewlett Packard, Maris Interiors, Morgan Lovell, Kier Southern, and the Chorus Group.


3 Interiors 

3-Space (UK) Ltd 

Able Contracts 

Absolute Interiors Ltd - Accounts Payable

Absolute Workspace Ltd 

Access Flooring Systems Ltd

Active Workplace Solutions Ltd

Additae Valorem Ltd 

Advanced Interior Solutions Ltd 

Amadeus Design & Building Ltd - Accounts

Appian Construction Ltd 



AW Spaces Ltd

Bloc Commercial Interiors Ltd

Blok Projects Ltd - Accounts

Blue Jelly 

Bobblehat Ltd 

BT Shopfitting Ltd 

Build Generation Ltd 

Built UK 

Bulb Interiors Ltd

Capital Group London 


China Taiping Ins UK Co Ltd 

Claremont Group Interiors Ltd 

Contrakt Ltd 

Copper Projects Ltd 

Cote Brasserie St Pauls 

Crofton Interiors Ltd 

Curve Workplaces Ltd 

D3 Contracts Ltd

Delcon Construction Ltd 

Denton Associates (London) Ltd

DMG Office Ltd

Dthree Commercial Ltd 

Ecsec Ltd

EE Smith Contracts Limited

Featherstone Commercial Interiors Ltd

Fiducia Interiors Limited

Firfield Property Services Ltd

FirstEnergy Capital LLP

Five Interiors Ltd

Floorplan Systems Ltd 

Garenne Interiors

Garenne Shopfitting


Gemco Contracts Ltd

Glynn Workspace Ltd 

Green Interiors and Design Ltd 

Grove Construction (London) Ltd

Imperial College London - IC Consultants

Imperial Interiors Ltd

Interior Lab Ltd 

Interior Motives Int Ltd

IOR Group Ltd 


Loop Interiors International Ltd 

Loop Local Ltd 

M Moser Associates Ltd 

M W French & Son Ltd

Maeve Contractors Ltd 

Maris Interiors LLP

Maris Interiors LLP 

Merit Office Installations 

Mica Projects Ltd 

Modus Workspace Ltd 

Morgan Berry Interiors Ltd 

Morgan Lovell plc

Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure Ltd 

Niche Projects London Ltd

ODB Group Ltd 

Office Principles Ltd 

Office Principles Ltd North

Office Projects Ltd 

Oktra Interiors Ltd 

Oktra Ltd 

Oktra North Ltd 

Oktra Regions Ltd 

onehundred partnerships 

Open Contracts Ltd 


OU Interiors Ltd

Overbury plc 

Ozone Interiors Ltd 

Parogon Contracts Ltd

Peldon Rose Ltd 

Pelham Interiors 

Populous Design & Build 

Powells Shopfitting Services Ltd 

Premier Group (Southern) Ltd

Pryer Construction (UK) Ltd 

PSG Global Ltd 

Quarterback Real Estate Ltd

Rhino Interiors Group Ltd 

Scape Construct Ltd 

Scott Osborn Ltd 

Skape London Ltd 

Skape South 

Sketch Studios Ltd 

Stirling Grey Ltd


TDA Interiors Ltd

TESN Projects Ltd 

Tetris Projects Ltd

The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience London

The TSK Group Ltd 

The Workplace Partner Ltd 

Think Inside Ltd 

Thirdway Contracts Ltd 

Thirdway lnteriors Ltd 

TPS Interiors Ltd 

TPS Site Logistics Ltd 

Unbranded London LLP 

Vale Interior Contractors Limited 

Verity Interiors Ltd 

Vernier Ltd

Workplace Creations Ltd

WT Interiors Ltd 

Zone Interiors

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